Melissa Bolling was born to sing. Raised in a home where both of her parents were talented singers, she understood the power of the human voice at a very young age. It was her grandmother’s opera records however that fueled her intense love of singing and music. “I remember listening to Leontyne Price and being totally amazed by her voice. I had never heard a black woman sing like that before. It made me want to explore my own voice to see what I could do with it.” Indeed Melissa did find her own voice, and after her high school years she joined the singing group Nuance and traveled the east coast honing her ever-evolving vocal skills. Later she would become one of the founding members of Moonglow, one of Boston’s premier wedding and function bands. During this time Melissa also poured her creative energy into songwriting. “I usually get inspired by hearing a guitar lick or interesting bass line. I listen to the music to see how it makes me feel. I never force it. If it feels right, then I write.”
     Melissa Bolling has since formed her own band, where she effortlessly merges soul, jazz and R&B styles. Her live performances are intimate and personal, letting her audience in as if each venue were her own living room. “My goal is just to let people feel like they have gotten to know me a little bit and to create an atmosphere where the audience feels good and wants to experience it again.”

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